We Reach!

    Reach provides stable, consistent and reliable telephone service to the Virgin Islands business community for just $39.95 per month. Our fiber-fed, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Communication System and elegant, cutting edge handsets are capable of handling any volume of business calls. As a provider of telephone service in the Virgin Islands, our system features:

  • Local, national and international direct dialing from 340 Numbers
  • >99% Monitored and recorded uptime
  • 256-bit, AES-encrypted data stream inside Secure VPN Tunneling
  • Elegant, cutting edge handsets and accessories from Yealink
  • Customizable auto-attendants
  • System-wide paging/intercom through speakerphones
  • Distinctive ring tones based on inbound number dialed
  • Unlimited built-in conference bridges with optional direct dial phone numbers
  • Voicemail and voicemail to email
  • Streaming and MP3-based hold music
  • Call parking, call pickup by defined groups, call waiting
  • “Follow-me” feature to auto-forward extensions to cell phones, home phones, etc.
  • Direct-dial numbers for extensions
  • Remote extension capability (home, travel, cell, 2nd office)
  • Dual Network Ports
  • Color Display (T48G, T46G Only)
  • Touchscreen Control (T48G Only)
  • Unlimited channels available (inbound and outbound calls).
  • Unlimited expansion

Background Reach Logo T48G T46G T42G T20P YHS32 BT40 EXP40 RV042G SG1008P SG1008PE SG3424P 5S1500 CP860 CPE80 VP530