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Why Choose Reach?

Communications in the islands, like everything else down here, is hard. We are a team of on-island engineers that know how to keep information flowing in our marine environment and highly reliable power situation. That makes us experts at providing Internet access, phone service, and even solar power solutions to keep your home and business online, even when the rest of the island isn't!

Business and Residential Phone Service

Tell your current telco to walk the plank - we can provide four times the service for half the price, keep your phone number, on a bill you can actually read. Residential signup is a quick form here. Businesses please call us for a custom quote!

High Speed Internet Access

Grab a lifeline and hang on! Our fiber-backed wireless product gives you the speed and throughput you need for today's media rich Internet experience. Coupled with our Solar Solution you can enjoy 100% uptime during island-wide power outages. Call today for a free site evaluation and quote.

Off Grid Solar Systems

When you live in a place where the power goes out every few days, you need a reliable backup. Reach has been building off-grid solar systems for over a decade, and we can do it for you too. Stop paying power bills, and start using the sunlight we get so much of instead. Call today!

Ready to do something less... innovative?

Simplify your life with plans that include EVERYTHING, no hidden fees, no mystery taxes

NEW! Residential Telephone Service

Who can decipher the local telephone company's bill? Taxes and fees, add-on services, surcharges all amount to more than the monthly service cost! When you switch to Reach not only will you save at least 30% monthly, keep your number, and have clearer calls with our high definition audio, but the bill is super easy to read. Click here to get started!

Business Phone Service

We offer cutting edge cloud based PBX systems - 100% hosted on Amazon AWS. Our 340 numbers are stateside hosted and hurricane-proof. When the lights are out in the USVI, your calls will still be answered, redirected, and messages taken. Call us today for a site evaluation and a customized quote.

Blindingly Fast Internet Access

We work closely with VINGN and Viya and their all-fiber networks to make sure you get the Internet at full speed when you need it. Reach operates wireless base stations in strategic locations throughout the territory. Call us today to schedule a site visit - we will be able to instantly tell you if we can provide wireless service, and if not, how we can bring fiber directly to your door. Call us today!


PBX Systems

Wireless Base Stations

Infinite Happy Customers


Our line of Yealink phones create special encrypted tunnels to secure your conversations, from the entry level T42S to the full featured video phone the VP59 we have a model for every purpose.

Touchscreen Color Speakerphone

The Yealink T48S

Our goto phone for busy receptionists or executives wanting the top-of-the-line look on their desk.

Standard Desk Phone

The Yealink T46S

Ten programmable line keys and a large color display make this a great standard desk phone for any office. Paired with our PBX service you can check voicemail, host conferences, intercom with remote offices, and much more!

Budget Phones

Yealink T42S

Our budget phone has six programmable line keys and a large backlit display, perfect for any small office / home office. Paired with our PBX service you can check voicemail, host conferences, intercom with remote offices, and much more!

Cordless Phones

Yealink W60P

Residential customers may opt for this fantastic DECT cordless base station and handset from Yealink. The base station supports up to SEVEN additional handsets, which can all be individual extensions when coupled with our hosted PBX service. If your office is "cable challenged" this may be a great solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions - we have the answers! If none of the accumulated wisdom below satisfies your curiosity, please speak to one of our telecommunications experts by phone at 340-693-6011.

  • What will change about my service if I switch to Reach?

    Switching your Virgin Islands phone service to Reach is easy and painless. If you have phones that you like and a system you are used to, we can simply supply the dial tone - normally at half the price of local competition. Nothing will change but how much you spend!

  • See question 1 above - no need to switch your phones if you don't want to, but consider the advantages: a) you can take our phones anywhere with Internet and continue to operate as an extension, b) with our phones your system is "hurricane proof" in that even if the island is completely without power we will still be taking your calls, forwarding to cell phones, taking voicemail and emailing you, and c) our phones encrypt your voice (and video) traffic from the handset - even your snoopy network contractors cannot listen to your calls. Chances are high that your current phone/system cannot do these things.

  • Absolutely. We can now "port" your number away from any local carrier to provide your service directly. We need a copy of your last bill from your local carrier (within the last 30 days), and will have you e-sign an authorisation form. It takes between 2 and 4 weeks if nothing goes wrong, and in the meantime we can assign you a temporary number to use for testing, or to forward your current number to.

  • Not at all! Our service is a fixed price, all features included. We don't charge extra for voicemail to email, caller ID, call waiting, 3 way calling, and US/CANADA CALLS ARE FREE! But wait, it gets better. Most of the telecom taxes you see on the bottom of your current bill are either not applicable or we have already paid them. Our bills are easy to read and USUALLY HALF WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY PAYING. Please call us today at 340-693-6011 for a free review of your current phone bill.

  • It does indeed. If your Internet connectivity is poor quality (some wireless) or congested, your audio quality may suffer. We strongly advise the use of cable or fiber options with our services. For large installations we can offer multi-uplink Internet connections with automated failover, and copies of your system running in both our East and West coast data centers.

  • I'm so glad you asked - it is one of the most important features of our product. Once your phone number has been ported to our cloud based service, incoming calls will always get answered. Even if the entire island is without power, all Internet connections down, your inbound calls will still be handled. If you have an auto-attendant, it will still answer, it will still direct callers to cell phones or take voicemail (and send to email). If you can take your desk phones to a place with power and Internet, it will just work, no configuration necessary. Our service is hurricane proof!

  • Focus on your business! We have the rest covered.

Marcus Monrose

Owner - ColorMax Printing, St Thomas

Customer service has been very prompt and courteous, always answering every question and even coming on site to train users to keep us running like a well oiled machine.

Lisa Hamilton

President - USVI Hotel and Tourism Association

Reach has helped us suffer through years of local telephone company issues, with their on-site phone system. We made the switch to fully cloud based last year, and now don't lose calls when the power goes out! Thanks Reach!

Richard Doumeng

Owner - Bolongo Bay Beach Resorts

Our resort has partnered with Reach and its Associates for over ten years. Our business depends heavily on our communications platform, and the engineers at Reach have kept the lights on even in the hurricanes. We wouldn't trust our phone systems to anyone else.

Dr. Brendan Anzalone

President and Medical Control Officer, AeroMD

Reach has provided bulletproof dial tone and flawless 24/7 customer service to our company and dispatchers dispersed throughout the United States, on St. Thomas and St.Croix since 2014. Our phone service was offline for two days after Hurricanes Maria and Irma decimated the territory in 2017. We couldn’t provide emergency air ambulance service to the VI without them.

Jeff LaCoursiere

CTO, StratusTalk

Reach has been an essential partner for ColorMax in the Caribbean. Their installation and troubleshooting teams are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I can't imagine even doing business in the VI without Reach Communications.


Business hours M-F 8-5. Please send support requests to or call during business hours and we will be happy to help!


Christiansted, VI 00820


+1 340 693 6011

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